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SPA 12K Dash Unit Display System 0-12000 RPM w/ Harness & Sensors

SKU D-100-12K

Features of the SPA 12K Dash Unit 0-12000 RPM:

  • Stepper motor driven needle for tachometer and speedo
  • Quartz microprocessor accuracy
  • Changing colour tachometer needle with programmable shift points
  • External 3 stage shift light option
  • Blue backlit dials
  • Backlit LCD
  • Adjustable brightness on dials and LCD display for day and night use
  • Tachometer suitable for all ignition systems
  • Alarm system for sensors user programmable for pressure and temperature
  • Fuel level indication as a bar graph (standard level sensor) (sensor not included)
  • Multi segment tank calibration for non linear or unusual shaped tanks
  • 2 x temp channels
  • 2 x pressure channels
  • Odometer
  • Trip meter resettable
  • Peak recall facility for all parameters displayed