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SPA 305mm Shift Light Steering Wheel w/ Shift Light System


Looking for the perfect gear changes? Then look no further! The 305mm Shift Light Black Suede Steering Wheel comes with a mounted 3-stage shift light system and a standalone shift light module. Providing improved visibility, aiding in achieving the perfect gear change every time.

The standalone shift light modules features:

  • Programmable to read 1-16 cylinder engines (2 or 4 stroke)
  • Programme shift points up to 39,000 RPM with maximum recall
  • Selectable shift light flash (all LED's can be programmed to flash rapidly when maximum RPM is reached)
  • Shift light LED switch off time (saving battery power from total loss systems, avoiding eyestrain in helmets or if at maximum RPM for long periods of time)
  • LED brightness levels (4 stage selection of shift light LED brightness levels)
  • Engine logging

The steering wheel is supplied undrilled with a marked centre point for ease of drilling - making them suitable for any type of boss. With the suede covering, this gives a firm and comfortable feel with a durable, long lasting resistance to wear.

Kit consists of:
Steering Wheel with shift lights installed
Standalone shift light module
Bungee cable
Installation manual