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SPA Extreme Rally Pack with 3.0kg Novec Electrical System + 2.0kg Novec Handheld Extinguisher

Having the benefit of a large collection of fire system types and sizes, it can be confusing as to what is needed. Therefore we have put together our Rally Pack options suitable to comply with Rally regulations and offering good value for money. 

This SPA Extreme Rally Pack comes supplied with an SPA Extreme 3.0kg Novec Electrical Fire Suppression System and a 2.0kg Novec Handheld Fire Extinguisher. 

The SPA Extreme 3.0kg Novec Electrical Fire Suppression System is designed for closed cockpit cars and features a compact bottle, making it a viable option for many different racing series (including rally) - especially with the bottle being lightweight aluminium for weight reduction.

The system uses Novec 1230 gas extinguishant, being highly effective at knocking down fires leaving virtually no residue or damage to electrical components.

All Rally Packs are supplied as full kits with all the necessary parts, as they would be if sold separately.

Included in this Rally Pack: