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SPA OIL PRESSURE/VOLTS Digital Gauge (Black)


SPA's oil pressure and volts digital gauge has been designed with many applications in mind from performance cars, motorcycles, planes, boats and even machinery. They have a choice of 7 user switchable backlit illumination colours.

This oil pressure and volts digital gauge represents one of the most accurate oil pressure monitoring devices available. High resolution mode allows 1/10 of 1 PSI and 0.01 volts resolution, and user programmable alarm conditions for any application and peak recall of maximum values.

Kit is fully inclusive of all sensors and wiring as well as comprehensive user manual.

Features found on these gauges include:

  • Switchable 7 colour backlight
  • Adjustable backlight brightness
  • User programmable settings for pressure and temp i.e. PSI, BAR or KGcm², C or F
  • High resolution modes for 0.1 PSI or volts
  • Programmable button function, recall and menu etc
  • Extended temperature operation for extreme climates -20 +70 C
  • Stainless steel pressure sensors
  • Programmable warning lights, including low battery
  • Programmable outputs for driving external LEDs or relays
  • Programmable high and low alarm settings for pressure
  • Contrast adjust for easier reading at different viewing angles