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SPA Signature Series FUEL PRESSURE/OIL TEMP 52mm Digital Gauge

SKU SS-312

Measure accurately the Fuel Pressure and Oil Temperature with SPA's Signature Series Gauge. 

SPA's Signature Series Gauges
 are packed full of features and alarm options from changing colour backlight to flashing the outer ring as an eye catching warning in the event of a hitting a critical parameter

All kits supplied as a complete package including, gauge, wiring harness, and necessary sensors

A brand new feature of these gauges is programmable text characters, 4 characters per channel, all gauges are supplied with standard characters to define the channel, these may be changed by the end user

  • Red, pure green, blue, amber, magenta, cyan and white selectable backlight
  • Programmable high and low LCD colour alarm settings for each channel
  • Adjustable backlight brightness
  • High resolution modes for 0.1 psi
  • Programmable button function, recall and menu etc.
  • Extended temperature operation (for extreme climates) -20 to +70°C
  • Stainless steel pressure and vacuum sensors
  • Programmable warning text (flashing), low battery warning
  • Programmable outputs for driving external LEDs or relays
  • Selectable units for pressure
  • Contrast adjust