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Version 6 Full Licence for Dyno Software


Dyno 6.4 Software Features

This latest version is the evolution of considerable work and investigation of the requirements of advanced damper tuning and race engineering and can run on Windows XP, 7, 8 & 10 operating systems. It will run on the existing SPA interfaces, but we have redesigned the V6 interface to enable the software data to be enhanced like no other machine on the market.

Download the software here.

Dyno 6.4 software when run with the V6 interface box will give greatly increased speed, accuracy and sampling rates by using burst sampling rather than sequential sampling. This also produces a much more accurate hysteresis graph from the sample.

The Dyno 6.4 software will also run the version 5 interface box more efficiently and quicker than version 5 software.

  • Unlimited number of traces per graph and file.
  • View multiple files on per graph.
  • Click and drag traces to import.
  • Catalogue traces and percentage match other traces to catalogue.
  • Traces can be displayed as an animation sequence.
  • Appearance of graph and settings can be altered.
  • Export data as ASCII or BMP format.
  • Edit raw data.
  • Fully customisable print page format.
  • Separate variable smoothing options for force, displacement and velocity.
  • Save and edit individual sampling methods.
  • Automatic gain set option.
  • Automatic parking for TDC/BDC option.
  • Warm-up and Cool-down modes.
  • Math channel with script language available
  • Single, multiple or manual speed and spring sampling methods
  • Equal step size or user-definable step table.
  • Variable gains for each step in a multiple velocity method.
  • Draw trace and add text options.
  • Customise toolbars.
  • All settings layouts, methods, gains and defaults are user-definable and saved as separate files.
  • User definable PV steps.
  • Import file capability for other machines.



Version 6.4


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