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SPA 3 Stage Sequential Shift Light System

Our SPA 3 Stage Sequential Shift Light System takes all the guesswork out of gear changing allowing you to make precise gear changes at your desired RPM.

Sequential Shift Light Features include: 
  • New and improved all in one shift light with combined unit and display
  • New compact small case; only 62 x 30 x 25mm deep
  • Digital filtering (easy connection to any ignition system)
  • Magneto option selectable in menu (ideal for karts)
  • Built in 3 stage shift lights
  • Selectable shift light flash (all LEDs can be programmed to flash on and off rapidly when maximum programmed RPM is reached)
  • Selectable shift light LED switch off time (save battery power on total loss systems, avoid eyestrain in helmets or if at maximum RPM for a long period of time)
  • Selectable shift light LED brightness (this allows a 4 stage selection of shift light LED brightness to avoid eyestrain if using the helmet shift lights)
  • Adjustable backlight brightness
  • Button built in to label (flush, can't break off)
  • Selectable switch function menu
  • Engine logs x 3 (it is now possible to see how long you have gone over your programmed RPM with this new feature. If , for example, your shift point is 6500 RPM and you want to see if you exceed this parameter and for how long, you can program your 3 engine logs for 6600, 6700, and 6800. When the engine RPM goes over the programmed RPM level, the time is accumulated and stored in 10ths of a second to a max of 1999 hours)
  • 1-16 cylinder engines, 2 or 4 stroke
  • RPM to 39,000 with peak recall facility
  • The instrument comes complete with loom and all fitting instructions.