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SPA Extreme 2.25kg Novec Electrical System

The SPA Extreme 2.25kg electrical fire extinguisher system is designed for open cockpit card, featuring an extremely compact bottle, allowing for it to be fitted to any single-seater car either classic or modern. This extinguisher uses Novec 1230 gas, which is highly effective at knocking down fires. 

Lightweight aluminium bottle for weight reduction. Complete system weight just 3.5kg

The system is electrically operated and comes supplies with everything required to fit and make operational including: 2.25kg bottle, mounting base and straps, control box, wiring loom, 2 x activation switches, all plumbing (tubing, nozzles, connectors and T-pieces), location stickers.

Dimensions: Overall length 279.5mm, bottle length 197mm, bottle diameter 127mm

Total system weight: 3.5kg FIA approved - Technical list 16