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Latest Updates

  • SPA Technique Payment Methods

    Payment Methods

    We are confirming to all customers on our accepted payment methods. Below are the payment methods we DO accept:  Debit/Credit Card (most cards accepted, except American Express),  Direct Bank Transfer (BACS/CHAPS),  International Transfers in GBP Sterling.  Following this, below are the payment methods...

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  • SPA Technique & Sim Racing

    Sim Racing with SPA Technique

    We have taken our first steps into Sim Racing and we are really excited to have partnered up with Sim Games Online! The first sim racing event is the Legends Championship starting 24th March 2021, with many more to come. You can...

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  • SPA Technique New Email Addresses

    New Contact Email Addresses

    Hi everyone,We have taken the steps to create separate email addresses to improve upon response times for particular enquiries. Going forward, we will be using the below email addresses for the following areas: All general enquires: Send sales orders/purchase orders: purchase order...

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